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My father told me at a very young age, “Nothing is impossible.”

This is something that distinctly sticks out from my childhood and has shaped my attitudes and ambitions as I become an adult.  I remember in 5th grade wanting to be an astronaut and walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I set high goals for myself at a youth, as only a total of twelve people in the history of man have ever done it. Still, being a young child I said “I could do it, why can’t I?” I remember visiting Kennedy Space Center, building model rockets and dressing up as an astronaut for Halloween. In my mind I was already up there. 

Think about what Neil Armstrong said when he took his first steps on the moon; “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Really think about it…is there a better example of what we are capable of? We flew 238,900 miles away and landed on a rock in outer space. We as humans made that happen. People just like you and me.

Now, I’m sure I wasn’t the only kid that wanted to walk on the moon or fly in outer space. Maybe for you it was being an athlete or a movie star? The point is, when we are children we use our imagination, we think we can do or be anything we want and the possibilities are endless.

As we grow older, something happens. Our dreams start to change and become more “realistic” or “practical.” I am currently not an astronaut and sadly am not one of the twelve people that have walked on the moon, however I still hold true to what my father told me.

I am here to spark that young child in all of us and think about those BIG dreams that took a back seat or were neglected because it would be “impossible” to obtain. I believe there is greatness within all of us and I want to inspire others to find it within themselves.

Whether it's overcoming the limitations of a disability or injury, training to run a marathon, struggling with debt or having weight loss troubles, switching careers or finding a new job, the idea is straightforward: Look impossible right in the face and take it on full steam! It’s about choosing to will your way beyond the hurdles and ever-present challenges that try and stop you from reaching your destination.

Whatever challenges or goals you set for yourself, remember, difficulties will arise that may lead you to believe it's not possible to move forward. When this happens, tell that inner voice:

"It's not impossible, it's so-possible™"

Now wear it proud on your chest!


What does so-possible mean to you?

How would you define it?

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